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Pochettino outlines his plans for DeAndre Yedlin at Tottenham

Mauricio Pochettino admitted that Spurs are gradually integrating the young American fullback into the side.

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

New Tottenham Hotspur player DeAndre Yedlin sparks a lot of excitement around these parts, not only because he's a young fullback with bags of potential, but also because he was one of the most exciting young American footballers to come through MLS in years.

Mauricio Pochettino had a Spanish-language interview with, the Spanish language wing of where he discussed Yedlin and his potential at Tottenham. Pochettino admitted that he's taking his time working Yedlin into the Tottenham side, but emphasized that he has lots of potential and he's poised to be an important member of the Spurs first team.

"Sabíamos que se trataba de un futbolista con mucho potencial, que ha hecho ya cosas interesantes en la MLS, que incluso ha estado en el último Mundial. Por eso decidimos adelantar su llegada un semestre y empezar a trabajar con él de a poco.

"DeAndre recién llegó a Londres y, como todos los jugadores jóvenes, necesita un proceso de adaptación, de conocer un nuevo medio, de conocer una nueva cultura. Tenemos que ir con cuidado, con tranquilidad, dándole el tiempo necesario para que pueda asentarse tanto dentro como fuera de la cancha y pueda, a partir de ahí, demostrar sus cualidades.

"Pero es evidente que si está aquí es porque esperamos mucho de él".

My spanish is, well, no bueno, so I ran that through the Google Translate machine. Pochettino notes that Yedlin is a footballer with a lot of potential that was on full display in the World Cup, and that he was brought to Spurs on an accelerated time schedule to begin his integration into the side. Poche acknowledged that young players like Yedlin need lots of time to adapt to a new style of football, a new country, and a new culture and that he'll be brought along slowly to give him time to adapt to life in London.

"But, obviously," said Pochettino, "if he's here it's because we expect a lot from him."

As an American Spurs blog, naturally we're all excited to see what Yedlin can do, so it's no surprise that there are slight murmurs of discontent from certain segments of the fan base over the fact that we have not yet seen Yedders in a lilywhite shirt for the Tottenham first team. These quotes lend further credence to the idea that, while Spurs fans might not see Yedlin play for Spurs this season, he's very much in Mauricio Pochettino's plans.

We've talked before about Pochettino stressing the development of talented young players, and if his handling of DeAndre Yedlin is any indication, the club is making deliberate, if incremental, steps to integrating that young talent into a Spurs side that is already one of the youngest in the Premier League. So while some American fans may continue to foster some impatience over Yedlin's development, it appears clear that Poche has his best interest at heart, and he hasn't been forgotten.