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Tottenham poach media relations manager from Leyton Orient

The new media relations manager had a similar role with the Mighty O's.

Tom Dulat/Getty Images

Tottenham appears to have hired a new member of their back-room staff. According to his personal twitter account, Spurs have hired away Jonny Davies to be the new media relations manager for the club. Davies was Media & Communications Manager for League One club Leyton Orient.

In his position at Orient, Davies was responsible for maintaining a close relationship between the club's media outreach and O's supporters, and he was very well respected by fans in this role. He will reportedly fill a similar role with Spurs. There has been as of yet no official confirmation of the hire from the club.

It's probably no secret that Spurs hasn't always had the best relationship with its own supporters: discontent has been simmering for years with some pockets of fans surrounding issues such as ticketing, StubHub, the new stadium, match-day policies, and communication with supporters. At first blush this seems like a very savvy hire by Tottenham, and hopefully will pay dividends with club-supporter relations.