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Levy refuses to authorize Adebayor move to West Ham

Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy will not subsidize Emmanuel Adebayor's wages while he plays for West Ham.

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Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

A loan deal that would send Tottenham Hotspur striker Emmanuel Adebayor to West Ham has been scrapped by the East London club following Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy's demand that the Hammer's pay the entirety of Adebayor's £100,000+ per week wages. Apparently, this same demand was not made of Crystal Palace or Queens Park Rangers.

On its face, this certainly makes sense. West Ham are right in the fight for the Europa League and giving them a reasonably competent striker who would, undoubtedly, score more often than Charlton Cole doesn't seem like a good idea, especially if Spurs aren't going to strengthen the striker position following Adebayor's departure. Adebayor himself, allegedly, declined moves to Palace and QPR because he didn't want to be involved in a relegation scrap.

Now, if we can take a turn into conspiracy theory land for a moment: Daniel Levy almost certainly has an axe to grind with West Ham. It wasn't too long ago that the owners of West Ham were accusing Levy of spying and all sorts of underhanded dealings associated with the Olympic Stadium. So, if Levy really wanted to stick the boot in on David Sullivan and David Gold he'd make them cough up every single farthing (that's a thing in England, right?) of Adebayor's wages for the next few months. This is some peak-Levy stuff right here and this is exactly why I love him.

Regardless of the reasoning, it doesn't look like Adebayor is going anywhere today.