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Tottenham win court appeal to green-light new stadium construction

Too bad Spurs matches aren't played in court.

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Clive Rose/Getty Images

After hearings on Wednesday and Thursday, the high court ruled this morning not to allow Archway Steel's appeal against a Compulsory Purchase Order. This CPO is necessary for Tottenham Hotspur's stadium development plan. The Archway Steel property is in the center of the area that is needed for the stadium, and owner Josif Josif has been refusing to sell. The government gave a CPO in 2012 and it was confirmed after hearings in 2014. The ruling today found that changes made to the stadium development plan did not amount to a reason to find the order "unlawful and invalid."

According to the story from the Telegraph, this is not quite the end of the story. Although the judge in this case has refused Archway permission to appeal, they still apparently could appeal themselves. Which doesn't seem to be what "permission" means but what do I know about law. It seems unlikely that the Court of Appeals would take up an appeal that had been rejected, but there is still at least one more legal hurdle for the new stadium complex still to go.

Tottenham Hotspur issued an official statement about the ruling on the club website.