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Chas & Dave's "Hot Shot Tottenham" re-recorded for charity

Iconic Spurs singer-songwriters' classic song re-recorded to commemorate Spurs' Cup Final.

Chas & Dave with Keith Burkinshaw at his testimonial
Chas & Dave with Keith Burkinshaw at his testimonial
Getty Images/Getty Images

Do you love Chas & Dave? Who doesn't? If you're a Tottenham fan, it's almost a requirement to have some of the singer-songwriter duo's tracks on your iPod. And now, to celebrate Spurs' first participation in a cup final since 2009, the duo's classic song "Hot Shot Tottenham" has been re-recorded with the club's blessing as a benefit for charity.

The song reached #18 on the British pop charts in 1987, and the remake was recorded by a band named "Ledley and the Kings." It features new, updated lyrics with references to Ledley King, Harry Kane, and Christian Eriksen.

The song is available for purchase on iTunes and all proceeds will benefit the Tottenham Tribute Trust, a charity that benefits former Spurs players who are in need of life assistance.

The last time Hot Shot Tottenham was a hit their cup final didn't go so well – they lost 3-2 to Coventry City in the FA Cup final at Wembley after Gary Mabbutt scored an extra time own-goal. One hopes the "cup magic" is a little better this time around.