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Nabil Bentaleb fires back at Sam Allardyce for "luck" comments

Bentaleb took umbrage with Big Sam for calling Spurs' 2-2 draw on a Harry Kane penalty due "more luck than talent."

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Things are getting a mite testy in the aftermath of Tottenham's 2-2 draw with West Ham on Sunday. West Ham manager "Big" Sam Allardyce, clearly irritated that the Hammers had blown a 2-0 lead at White Hart Lane in the 80th minute, intimated in post-match comments that it was "more luck than talent got Tottenham a point." Allardyce was particularly peeved with match official Jon Moss for awarding a penalty to Spurs in the 95th minute:

"You can argue whether it's enough contact from Alex's arm or whether it's not, but when you're desperate like Tottenham are and you get touched, a player's going to fall over and ask the referee to make a decision,

Whether it's the right decision or not, it's the way football is today. If we're to learn anything by it, we have to do the same as what Tottenham do more often, because we stay on our feet and don't get fouls and they get touched and go down and they do get fouls. In the end it's make a difference."

Spurs midfielder Nabil Bentaleb then responded to Big Sam's comments:

"He can say whatever he wants. We scored a penalty in the last minute. Maybe it's because of this, I can understand if he's a little bit angry. But it's not true. Of course it was a penalty - there's no doubt about that.

If he wants to argue, we could also say [Mark] Noble could have been sent off. But this is football. Sometimes the referee makes decisions and you just have to shut your mouth and not complain."

Oooh, salty! Bentaleb probably has reason to be ticked off by Big Sam's comments. Despite television commentary (by Lee Dixon, clearly a fair arbiter of all things Spurs) that the penalty looked soft, there hasn't been a whole lot of outcry that it was a clear dive since there was tons of contact. And if Kane did go down a little easy, well, Allardyce is right – that's football. Meanwhile, Mark Noble should've been sent off for his reckless challenge against Nabil in the 2nd half, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Supporters of both clubs should probably be a little unhappy this morning – it was a pretty poor match all around and both clubs desperately needed the three points. Which is probably why the clubs are sniping at each other and, ultimately, why the end result is fair.