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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links for February 26, 2015

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Happy Spursday Spursland! Do Or Die time boys and girls.  Good thing To Dare is To Do,. Therefor I DARE SPURS TO WIN THIS G*****N GAME.

I am such a simple boy

And now the "news"

Poche Won't Start Ade Against Fiorentina-Guardian

The Adebayor-Pochetino relationship reminds me of that terrible absentee dad and young kid.  Poche comes in and says a lot of nice things about Ade but when Ade asks if they can go play ball in the park Poche makes a lame excuse and abruptly leaves (presumably to play ball with his new son, the better son).

Former Spurs Player Still Employed By Club As Goodwill Ambassador Has Goodwill Opinion About Cup Game-Sky Sports

Who would have thought he would say such things about them people who payed him lots of money for a long time then continued to pay him to do grocery store openings!

We Need To Stop Talking About Referees-SB Nation Soccer

Let me change this slightly, we need to stop talking about these referees.  We need to continue to talk about getting people who are capable of running up and down the pitch reasonably well, know the game and have good vision.  Because outside the top top levels I can assure you referees in ALL sports are dogs**t.  Like getting people seriously injured levels of bad.  If you are thinking of getting involved in a sport you used to play, unless you are a really high level mind in the sport I think you would do way more good being a quality referee. Plus there is way more money in it.

Where You Go When you Die-The Short Fuse

Pop quiz: what is a tastier morsel, tacos of braised brisket, pickled onions, and salsa de arbol, or Arsenal losing 3-1 and being so so sad about it?  The answer of course is yes.

A Second Q and A With Them Italians-Viola Nation

"We will play better players." I am all for this strategy.

It is time to acknowledge the greatest, and most unsung hero of the Hoddle of Coffee. Ryan Rosenblatt has moved on from SB Nation. He was unlucky enough to be stationed on the west coast and thus to him fell the responsibility to proof this esteemed institution that is so indicative of the lowest "uncommon denominator."  He has been at it since the beginning with that other moron theroosevelts churning out the slop. And I can assure you, without him the Hoddle could not have lasted this long. Also from a legal standpoint: if anyone the Hoddle criticized ever got a look at the unedited versions, they would probably be suing Vox Media for all the doubloons in the Spanish main. Ryan constantly saved my ass, and I will miss him. [Editor's note: the king is dead. All hail King Dustin. Also pray for me because this job might kill me.]