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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links February 3, 2015

Tottenham news and links in this bold new post-January transfer window world.

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Stu Forster/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday Spursland!  Sometimes in life even when you still love each other, after a time things stagnate.  It isn't that love isn't there it just has changed over time, and it doesn't work anymore.  Sometimes it just becomes time to move on to something new.  Something where the full potential of both parties can be reached.  In their time with us, they were beloved, but now, now they are gone.

And now the crushing crushing sadness and wallowing.

The Telegraph Rates Each Team's Business On Deadline Day-Telegraph

Look forward to a round table post from the Staff on our transfer analysis.  During which you guys can all watch me try to hold back my emotions about Lennon's probably permanent departure from the club.  The first player I truly loved as I fell in love with this club is gone.  If anyone needs me I'll be listening to Phil Collins on a loop.

Benny Is Free(sobs)-Sports Mole

He was our Genni, and now...Genni, you're free. Except maybe he isn't OK I made this more complicated than it needed to be so lets just play a Hall and Oates Song.

SB Nation's Transfer Deadline Day Round Up-SB Nation Soccer.

Yea for some reason I never developed an affinity for Kaboul, so eh...he gets ...I guess Soul Asylum?

Carlos Vela Out 2 Months-SB Nation Soccer

Vela eh?  Can he make Ronald Weasley loose his mental functions with implied sexy powers?  No? Maybe I should put more effort into watching La Liga so I don't look like such a prat.

Rex Ryan Is The Outlaw Biker Of NFL Coaches-SB Nation

I hear if you don't cover it up and your old team catches you they ask you "fire or knife".