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Tim Sherwood claims credit for Harry Kane

Because of course he does

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Paul Gilham/Getty Images

You're never going to believe this, but Tim Sherwood has claimed credit for some of Tottenham's current success! I know, I could scarcely believe my eyes either! Well I don't want to deprive you any further, so I'll let the man himself tell you about his Timpact on the club.

"Truth be known, if Tottenham had had their way ... then Harry Kane would not have been Harry Kane today, because he would have been on loan at a Championship club to gain even more experience. And he would not have got his opportunity to play for Tottenham.

"The rest is history as far as he is concerned."

Before we go any further, there is a lot of garbage we can lay at the feet of Tim Sherwood. However, it should be noted that giving Nabil Bentaleb and Harry Kane minutes are positives that emerged from his reign of terror. He should take comfort in the fact that he saw something in them. Sure he probably kept them because he's a slimy backstabber who wanted people he could trust and control over seasoned professionals who wouldn't respect him in the slightest.

But let's not get carried away. He believed in Harry so much that he got about ten starts in Sherwood's entire time here, with his first one not coming until April, well into Total Tim's reign.

Sherwood is absolutely within in his rights to claim some credit for Kane's development but this kind of insane ego is the reason that no sane owner is ever going to hire him for a top flight job. In other news, I look forward to joining you all later this week when I write about QPR hiring him as their new manager.