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Levy refused to allow Adebayor to go to West Ham

He will not transfer players to West Ham, He does not like them, Fat Sam.

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Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Modern fans claim, often on bed sheets, that the millionaires and billionaires have no connection to the fans of the clubs that they own. Well that may be true, but Tottenham Chairman has at least one thing in common with Tottenham fans: he hates West Ham United. During yesterday's transfer deadline day, it seemed like Adebayor was destined to finally leave Spurs on loan. Adebayor isn't getting minutes and the coach seems to hate him. This suited everyone. Well, almost everyone.

Levy agreed to subsidise part of Adebayor's £100,000-a-week wages for any club but West Ham, which eventually resulted in the striker staying put.

Adebayor turned down moves to Queens Park Rangers and Crystal Palace on transfer deadline day in favour of finishing the season at Spurs.

QPR were willing to pay £60,000-a-week towards Adebayor's wages and Crystal Palace offered to contribute £70,000-a-week towards the player's salary, with Levy prepared to accept either deal.

But Levy twice refused to subsidise any part of Adebayor's wages for him to move to London rivals West Ham, with the Hammers prepared to pay half of the Togo international's pay packet.

West Ham owner David Gold was particularly salty about this, taking to twitter to complain about Levy.

Most of the hostility between the ownership of the two clubs probably comes down to their dealings surrounding the Olympic Stadium, but I really don't care! West Ham tried to get one of our strikers at the deadline and our Chairman's response was to ask them for a ladder so they could climb up on deez nuts. Amazing. Let's do this every year.

The only question that remains is, if we beat them in our remaining league match, will that now count as a treble?