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Former Spurs youth star sues Tottenham over heart condition

Radwan Hamed, a former Spurs youth player, is suing Tottenham Hotspur for £7m after he suffered a heart attack on the pitch nine days after he was signed.

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Nine years after suffering a heart attack on the pitch during his first match, a former Tottenham Hotspur youth academy player is suing Tottenham Hotspur for damages. According to the Telegraph, Radwan Hamed is filing a lawsuit against Tottenham in the amount of £7m, alleging that the club "failed to ensure his safety" ahead of the incident.

In 2005, just nine days after joining Tottenham as a youth player, Hamed suffered a heart attack at age 17 in his first match for the club, similar to the one that nearly claimed the life of former Bolton player Fabrice Muamba. Unlike Muamba, who made a full recovery, Hamed "suffered oxygen starvation and catastrophic brain damage." Hamed, now 25, is suing Tottenham as well as as a consulting cardiologist, claiming that the club did not properly recognize the symptoms and signs of a serious heart condition ahead of his injury.

As reported in the Telegraph, Hamed's lawyer made statements in court about the nature of Hamed's complaint:

This case concerns the cardiac collapse and subsequent brain damage of Radwan Hamed.

His case is that he was catastrophically failed - let down - by a consultant cardiologist, Dr Peter Mills, and his employers, Spurs.

Both of them deny liability. They are seeking to palm off responsibility for Rad's disastrous injury on each other... It is, with respect, an unattractive spectacle.

Rad's case is that, between them, these two could and should have acted in such a way that this grave injury would never have happened.

Spurs, in response, released a statement that read in full:

We can report that following discussions at court today, two of our former medical staff have accepted that they are solely responsible for their actions in 2005 in respect of allegations originally made against the Club.
"They will continue to defend their own position in court. The Club has been immensely supportive of Radwan and his family over the past 10 years and we wish them well for the future.

The article is long and detailed, and anyone who wishes a fuller explanation of Hamed's situation, his injury, and the nature of his lawsuit against Tottenham is encouraged to read it. It's important to note that none of the current staff at Tottenham Hotspur were employed at the time of Hamed's accident. Tottenham are denying culpability for Hamed's injury. The lawsuit should have no impact on the current coaching staff or players at Tottenham Hotspur.