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Bentaleb on Kane: ‘Just feed him and he’ll do the rest’

Harry Kane is BAE IMHO

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Not sure if you guys noticed, but Harry Kane is the greatest thing to come through North London that hasn't been written about by Shakespeare. Needless to say, Harry is more eloquent than the bard, as he demonstrated in his post match comments to @SpursOfficial today.

Floating above the ground, hoisted by a flight of angels off the pitch, Harry shared his thoughts on his performance in the North London Derby. "What a day. What a feeling. For everyone at the club. What a buzz." said the Enfield Messi. He went on the compliment the fans. "It's up there with the best feeling ever. The fans were incredible - the best atmosphere." Considering Harry was born in heaven and lives in a house drowning in the musk of perfection, this is quite the compliment.

Harry continued, describing how he created the match winning goal against Tottenham's bitter rivals. "Nabil put in a great ball. I managed to get up and time it well. I saw it arrowing towards the corner. What a feeling." Oh Harry. If only you knew the feelings you give us.

Harry would have continued to give quotes, but he was carried aloft by a heavenly host to return to his throne amongst the Gods so that he could prepare for Tuesday's match against Liverpool.

Despite the brilliance of Harry Kane's inner light, the man who provided the game winning assist shielded his eyes and did his best to put the brilliance of Harry Kane into insufficient words.

"We all know Harry's qualities," said Nabil Bentaleb. "Just feed him & he'll do the rest. He's been fantastic." Yes Nabil. Keep feeding it into that gaping maw forever and the goals will never stop.