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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For February 9, 2015

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with vengeance.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Happy Monday, Spursland! You know two-and-a-half years ago we sold our best player -- arguably the most talented player in our club's history -- to Madrid. And it was just after we sold the other most talented player (arguably) in our club's history to Madrid. Everyone said, "what will they do now, who can they buy now, how can a team recover from this." And we didn't have the answer. But as the whistle blew on Saturday I thought of that moment, when we on the writing staff got word from a source that the deal was done.

It reminded me of a very powerful scene from a TV show the vast majority never watched, or it wouldn't have been canceled. I'll spare you the plot details, but there is a scene during the TV show The Borgias where a castle is under siege and the noblewoman whose castle it is, is looking at the besieging army who has captured her son. And as they threaten to kill her son unless she surrenders, the noblewoman hikes up her skirt and clutches her ... well you know and screams, "but I have the ability to make more sons, and more sons and they will all be raised to seek vengeance on you".

My point is of course Daniel Levy didn't sweat sacrificing one of his beloved stars, because this club has the ability to produce more stars, and more stars. And now little Harry Kane And Nabil Bentaleb have grown up, and they will seek vengeance from all other clubs who have wronged us.

And now to step down off my speachifying horse and get to the news and frat jokes

Dan Murphy Calls On England To Build A New Team Around Kane- BBC

Not the worst idea he has ever had. Unlike that idea he had for female urinals. That was a disaster.

Arsenal Made Too Many Mistakes, Says Wenger- Guardian

I am not exactly stat boy over her, but I am pretty sure that that statement is a mathematical certainty. if you lose at something, you made at least one mistake "too many".

Ivory Coast Wins ACON In Epic Shootout- SB Nation Soccer

Back0up keeper wins it. That is some ridiculous Hollywood will never make this movie script writing right there, folks.

Three Things We Learned From The USMNT's Win- SB Nation Soccer

I learned what an "Olimpico" is. I really don't know anything about this game, I've been faking it this entire time.

Atletico beat Real Madrid 4-0- SB Nation Soccer

Related: Bale And Modric made a huge mistake. #couldhaveplayedwithKane

Cleats To The Face Is Only A Yellow In Scotland- SB Nation Soccer

The Celts are a tough people.

22 Reported Dead After Zamalek Fans Clash With Riot Police In Egypt- Deadspin

We had a fun weekend and we took the game to seriously,and then I made it worse using a vagina metaphor, or at least I did before it probably got redacted by the editors. But it's just a game, lets not let things escalate to this point. On the sides of the police and fans.