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DeAndre Yedlin "fine" after USA national team injury

DeAndre Yedlin was hacked down while on international duty and left the match injured, but it doesn't look like it's that serious.

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

DeAndre Yedlin was injured while on international duty with the USA men's national team this weekend, but thankfully the injury doesn't appear to be too bad. The USA were playing a meaningless international friendly in a meaningless international off-year against a Panamanian team that, by all accounts, was playing dirty all game.

Let's review what happened:

Ouch. That didn't look very good. USA manager and Spurs legend Jurgen Klinsmann didn't see too worried though, and indicated that Yedlin was taken out "as a precaution."

"With DeAndre, I don't have the details now... It's not as bad, but we just moved forward and took him out. He should be fine."

Whew! That's the kind of tackle that can break legs, so it's fortunate for everyone that Yedlin is likely going to be okay. Yedlin is with the national team instead of Spurs right now as Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino is easing him into life in the Premier League. It's not known when (or if) Yedlin will make his Spurs debut this season.

For the record, the stadium in which this match took place was Los Angeles' StubHub Center. FFS, LEVY.