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Harry Kane wants to stay at Tottenham for a decade


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Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Today is about the present. Everything comes down to the one match, the Cup final. Tottenham's season will not be a failure if they do not win, but a victory over Chelsea would give this transitional season a signature accomplishment.

But the news today reminds us this is a transitional season and the future may be very bright. In an interview with the media yesterday, reported at the Telegraph, Harry Kane could not possibly have said more things to make Spurs fans happy.

Such has been Kane’s progress that he signed a new long-term contract last month – having only signed another last August – committing his future to Spurs until 2020. Does he envisage the possibility of being a "one-club man"? "Yes. It’s something I have said I would love to do. If I’m at Tottenham in 10 years’ time still playing regularly then I will be very proud and very honoured. I love the club. They’ve given me a base, growing up as a kid.

"I love playing here, I’m enjoying every minute and hopefully I can continue that for seasons to come."

Now, he's a kid and if he keeps playing this well, committing to Spurs will mean turning down a lot of money. But this is the thing about homegrown players. At the worst, you have a chance to eke an extra season or two out of that emotional connection to the club, and at best he might actually feel the same way in three or four years.

It's good to be reminded of the future today when it can be so easy to focus our hope only on one match. Harry Kane gives us more to dream on than just one Cup Final. At the same time, Harry Kane wants to win a damn Cup Final.

Sunday is Spurs’ first cup final since winning the League Cup – then the Carling Cup – back in 2008 when they beat Chelsea 2-1. “I was there as a fan, with the family and that was a great day out,” Kane says.

“To see them lift the trophy and all the fans stay behind and stay with them is something I’ve been thinking of leading up to this game on Sunday. And if I’m up there lifting the trophy it would be something very special.”

Aw jeez.