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Could these be Tottenham's new kits for 2015-16?

In short: nope, but it's fun to speculate.

[Editor's note: This article was written in March, 2015. Tottenham Hotspur's new kits for 2015-16 will be released to the public on Friday, May 15. Click here to read more about the kit reveal.]

After a disappointing loss, it's good to look at the future. There are (pretty #batcountry) rumors that Tottenham will be switching shirt manufacturers from UnderArmor to Nike beginning with next season, and since we're now officially in the home stretch of the season, expect to see and hear plenty of guesses about what Spurs' new shirts will look like.

For example, take a look at these early Nike concept kits tweeted by @TalkingTHFC this evening:

So, could these be the shirts for Tottenham in 2015-16? In short, no. These are absolutely, completely, 100% fake and the actual shirts probably won't be anything like them. Which is probably good, because while the home kits are decent enough, the away kits are godawful and I can already hear the howls from Spurs supporters about the all-black third kits with the (gasp) red lettering.

Beside which, if Tottenham did switch to Nike, I would expect them to be a lot more boring than either of these offerings. Nike has seemingly been phoning it in with their shirt designs in recent years. Either way, in recent years Tottenham have waited a long time before officially revealing shirt designs, and even the leaks have come late. So there's absolutely zero chance that these are real.

But isn't it fun to think about?