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Tuesday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links March 10, 2015

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday Spursland! Man it seems like a lot of commenters really don;t like satirical posts and feel they are somewhat condescending. I happen to agree.  BTW, I think if we had kept Jermaine Jenas he would have become a modern day Roy Keane and we wouldn't need to go through all this Ryan Mason hullabaloo.

And now the "news"

Kane Should Play In U-21 Euros Says Peirce-BBC

Ah, yet another old codger that has not adjusted how he thinks, as the game has evolved over the years.  Is Stuart Pierce old?  I am not even going to look that up and just assume he is, because only old duffers who pine for the days when football was like it was in the 1960s still think like this.  Look, Harry Kane is playing a ton of games.  He needs a break to rest his body because modern athletes are pushing themselves longer, harder, faster than any humans before now EVER.  That takes a toll over a 9 month season.  They NEED rest.  Furthermore, the purpose of U-21 tournaments is to get young players experience playing against players of a variety of backgrounds so they can develop into big league stars.  Oh wait, Kane is already there, and he plays in a highly diverse league full of players from around the globe already.  So lets let him sit on a beach for a couple of weeks, I mean if anyone has earned it he has. And then he doesn't come back still exhausted or worse injured from this tournament that, oh by the way, DOESN'T MATTER.

Charlie Austin VS Harry Kane-Sky Sports

This debate between players is incomprehensibly stupid.  One player is younger, still developing, and WILL GET BETTER. One is 25 years old, which is when there is officially no more room left to improve before the physical decline starts in a few years.  The younger one is scoring a lot more goals.  This is not a hard equation to crack.  I honestly believe that all those who think Austin should be the guy for England at striker are just attitude-era wrestling fan boys who want to be able to splice in old Jim Ross audio every time he does something.

Messi Is The Best Player In The World Again-SB Nation

Um, have you even read Bryan A's piece on Ryan Mason from yesterday?  Because it doesn't seem like you have.

Orlando Fans Jump Out Of Stands After Goal, Eat It-SB Nation Soccer

Ah, in two games your supporters section will be lined by cops just like the rest of us. I hope you enjoy that first experience of getting cuffed and dragged out of the stadium hoping they just let you go when you get past the turnstiles.  It's a lot of fun from what I've heard.

Keeper Punts Ball And...Oh No-SB Nation Soccer

Rumor has it this is also the guy on the Michigan bench that shouted for Chris Webber to call timeout.