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Wheeler Dealer Radio Mailbag - The Best Exotic Mailbag Hotel

Give us your Qs and we'll give you our As

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Get ready folks for a brand new edition of the internet's most dangerous Tottenham Hotspur podcast. We apologize we didn't record yesterday as per usual, we had to move it to today to accommodate a certain Bryan A.

But enough about us, let's talk about you. Since we last 'casted Spurs have gone on to record back to back victories against Swansea City and the Queen's Park Rangers. Huzzah.

After we break down those wins in excruciating detail, exploring even the tiniest minutiae, we'll turn to weekend's make or break match against Manchester United. Will they continue to be obscenely fortunate despite not being good at all? Probably!

But then, assuming Skipjack isn't a hateful tyrant, we'll turn to your questions, dear readers. So please let us know what thoughts have been rattling around your brains this past week, from the Spurs-related to the completely absurd. Basically, anything that will give Skipjack the chance to talk about Vlad and hot dog eating contests.