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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links March 12, 2015

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Happy Thursday Spursland! Guys, we play United this weekend.  And it apparently might be your last chance to say goodbye to a few of your favorite reds.  It's so sad.

And now the "news"

QPR DoF Charged By FA Over Incident At Spurs Game-Guardian

So he wasn't just pleasant as punch to an official after his team lost.  Imagine that.  And if I remember that game correctly there were a few big calls that went our way that easily could have gone the other way and really changed the game.

This is a Ludicrous Statement-101 Great Goals

I can't decide if this is just a stupid-a** thing a moron would think or if it represents a broader statement about the low level of talent at left back in England.

Never mind, it's mostly just dumb.

Naïvely Buying In To Schalke-SB Nation Soccer

For those that don't know, Schlake are literally the same team as Spurs, only their pretzels are understandably way better and they are sponsored by deplorable people.  But most importantly they are a team that will always find a way to look like they are about to break through then find a new and amusing way to let you down. That must be why the author of this article (and the founder of this blog) also happens to support them.  He just hates good feelings. What is the German for "I am trying to break your heart"? [Editor's note: but Schalke at least makes the Champions League almost every season.]

Artwork Detailing 100 Years of Every England Loss Sells Big-SB Nation Soccer

Following in the steps of Liverpool fans being irate over Dunkin Donuts making their own crest that looked similarly shaped to theirs, I as an American am upset that some English dude made a wall that looks like the Vietnam Memorial.

The Rocket Richard Riot-SB Nation

Mother of God...