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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links March 13, 2015

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Happy Friday Spursland! Oh yeah, the big one is here, this Sunday, it's going down.  Us vs a team that is managed by someone dumb enough to lose 8 million to Bernie Madoff.  Could it be possible that anyone sucks enough to lose to this jack**s? Probably. Either way I won't be here next week to cover the tidal wave of happy and or sad.  Yes I know it seems like it needs to be one or the other but it's Tottenham so we could be happy and still find a way to be depressed about this team.  My point is I'll be at spring training in Florida drinking my face off, so behave for whoever is here in my absence or YOUR FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT IT!

And now the "news"

The Stupid Season Has Started-Daily Star

Mother of god.  The snows have just melted.  I have been able to see the ground free of some form of frozen water for 2 full days, that's it, and now it has begun. That time when I must, like some sort of mollusk, sift through the the s**t-filled sands of the transfer rumor mill.  I can't go back, it's too soon.  I STILL HAVE PTSD FROM THE SUMMER OF BALE. Can you just let me get to my vacation and when I come back I'll gladly deal with this crap, but can you just hold off on the s**t until I get on the plane tomorrow?

Tello Rejects idea Of Spurs Or Liverpool Move-Metro

COME ON I asked for one day, it's not that hard, I am a mortal human with feelings.

Marco Verratti Pointing And laughing At Mourinho-SB Nation Soccer

That is just beautiful.

Falcao Resigned To Leaving United-The Busby Babe

I am not sure why he would be so sad about it.  I mean it was only a loan and besides, did you really want to live in Manchester? I mean I don't know much about living in the area but while it is England's second most populous urban area (eat s**t Birmingham) but it always struck me as kind of England's answer to Buffalo.  It's far north, it's a town built on industry that (probably) not even there anymore.

The Great Dogtato Experiment-SB Nation

SB Nation, where science is done with the same level of scientific method that [redacted for politics -- Editor].

I am assuming the editors dinged that last comment, so let me just say that it was a all based on facts that all parties involved are very proud to spout off.