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DeAndre Yedlin, recovered from injury, will grow, according to Jurgen Klinsmann

DeAndre Yedlin is fine. Stop worrying about him.

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Are you an American? Do you care a disproportionate amount about the United States Men's National team (USMNT)? Then you probably want to know more things about DeAndre Yedlin. In what seems to be a neverending quest for information on the American fullback, reporters are now turning to USMNT manager Jurgen Klinsmann for updates. Speaking with American Soccer Now, the former Tottenham player had this to say about Yedlin:

"With DeAndre, you want him to play games," Klinsmann said. "That’s why I asked Tottenham to release him for these [past] two games—which thankfully they did. He’s just now starting that learning process where maybe Julian is in the middle of it. DeAndre gets an introduction into a roster of maybe 28-30 players and only 18 can be considered for the weekend game. So he goes through that learning curve now. With his talent and potential and capabilities he’s very important for the [United States] senior team already."

"He’s in the right spot because he needs to grow," he added. "He will grow eventually even if he’s not playing right now. He will grow."

Basically, the consensus is that Yedlin is fine and no one should be worrying that he's not logging minutes in the Premier League. He's still a project and it's better for his development if he gets acclimated to life in London and Tottenham's style of play. Spurs have no incentive to play him right now, particularly given that they have Kyle Walker to play right back.

Also, in case some of you were worried about him not having featured much for Tottenham's under-21 team, according to, Yedlin suffered a "severely sprained MCL" during the USMNT's friendly with Panama on February 8. The injury prevented Yedlin from training or playing for Tottenham and he has only now recovered enough from the injury to be fully involved with Spurs.

If I were a betting man, I'd say that you should expect to see more of Yedlin in the U-21 for the next couple months. I doubt we'll see him at all for the first team, not even on the bench, unless Walker gets injured and Yedlin is brought into the 18-man squad as third-choice.

So, in summary, Yedlin is fine. Stop asking.