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Tuesday Morning Hoddle of Irish Coffee: Tottenham Hostpur news and links March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Don't die.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

While Mr. Chase is still on vacation, no doubt holding court at some table full of locals convinced he is high on bath salts, the show must go on. Never fear, dear "readers", Vince is here. Everything is going to be alright.

Speaking of our pursuer of salmon, his people take this noblest of days to celebrate the miracles of their patron saint. Cheers and Happy St. Paddy's Day. As for the rest of you drunks who crash the party, be cool, ok? And no, a green plastic hat is not cool.

Here is a little Irish recording artist playlist for your holiday listening:

And It Stoned Me-Van Morrison

Dreams-The Cranberries

The Right Time-The Corrs

Higher Love-James Vincent McMorrow


Slip Away-The Commitments also the Clarence Carter version

And now for the "news".

Hugo's cool and confident. You are not--Here Is the City

Do you think Hugo ever makes deep eye contact with people until they break down weeping, knowing they've just witnessed the sublime, because he can?

He seems talented, but there isn't, I repeat, isn't, any other storyline here--HITC

I've got my shirt off, Levy. Your move.

Ol' Dave just might make it after all--SB Nation Soccer

Can't take my eyes off of you/ you're just too good to be true/ your heavenly first touch/ Brix wants to hold you so much...

We may not be the weirdest people on SB Nation--SB Nation College Basketball

Not only is the premise of this article cray as hell, the writer wears the hell out of his CAPS LOCK button. I love this motherf*****.

Brewers are very good at avoiding Tommy John surgery--Brew Crew Ball

The projected starters are all screwed now, right?