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Wednesday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links March 18, 2015

Things remain the same, except I include good music, which you all never do.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday morning, Spursland. Hope your days get off to a cracking start. I always have something to say regarding Tottenham Hotspur, assuredly, but those opinions will have to wait. There are more pressing concerns. Reading through yesterday's Hoddle while fulfilling mod duties, I came to a disturbing conclusion: many of you like bad music; and you should feel bad.

So, while not being able to fully express my musical interests, I am going to leave this here. This album dropped in 2004*, and is pure rock and roll fun. You're welcome.

And now for the "news".

Alex Pritchard's bandwagon nearing no vacancy-Squawka

If I recall correctly, I was the first person to say that he would be our Giggs. If you believe that I seriously knew he was this good, I also happen to be running a special on snake oil for today only.

Spurs set to lose out on signing a Swiss winger-Sportsvibe

Should "Swiss winger" be a euphemism for a dirty sex move, or am I alone here?

Guy we have been linked to before is linked again, only with a question mark in the headline-Sportsmole

It's almost as if this site had a punctuation based Freudian slip. Like they subconsciously felt bad for polluting the internet with this drivel.

Gross Tim Sherwood link in the Hoddle klaxon-7500 to Holte

Whatever. We weren't shy taking the piss out them when it was going bad. Should link things when it's going well to be fair. Ugh. Look at me being magnanimous and s***.

Ducks with darts in their heads is a problem. Mario Balotelli not a suspect-SB Nation #LOOKIT

I couldn't look away, god help me; I couldn't look away.

Longform link in the Hoddle Klaxon-SB Nation

A look into what March means to small towns with really good mid-major basketball teams, I assume. I didn't read it.

*the year many Chelsea fans point to as the beginning of time