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Monday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham hotspur News And Links March 23, 2014

Salmon's back! Salmon's back!

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Happy Monday Spursland! Yes, I am back from my vacation well rested from such leisurely pursuits as watching my grandfather make a huge deal about picking up the check at meals then faking an untied shoe so I could check how bad his tip was a leave the appropriate amount of cash to complete the tip, and alternatively going on multiple day long drinking binges with my father.  What a week! I feel like a new fish. Hey, did Harry Kane do anything exciting while I was gone?

And now the "news":

Kane Should Start for England-BBC

Yes he should, but he won't.  Because if there is one thing England does, It is find a way to screw up having really good things.  But if there are two things they do it's start someone based on them being over valued by the media instead of another very good player that is a better fit for that role, then finding another way to disappoint their fans. [Ed: that's technically three things, but he's not wrong.]

Hey Remember that Kane was Loaned to Leicester?-Guardian

For fun while you are pretending to be hard at work today I suggest you hit up some Leicester forums to look at how hated and slagged off untalented Harry was during that loan.  It's hilarious.

Neymar Shows Up For El Classico Looking Pop Star Like-SB Nation Soccer

Other things happened this weekend (Hey Ireland, how 'bout that Six Nations win) but who cares:  a great Madrid vs Barca match happened so lets focus on that.  Look it isn't my call, its just how the rules of the Football Media Members Secret Society of Prats [Ed: FMMSSoP -- rolls right off the tongue] works. My hands are tied, kiddos. Speaking of this, tell me this is picture is just Neymar not learning the lessons Lady Gaga did in the last year or so.

Ronaldo Finishes Beautiful Team Goal-SB Nation Soccer


Suarez Scores The Winner-SB Nation Chomp Chomp

Great goal, class goal, Thanks to this goal all those millions seem so worth don't they?