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Eric Dier ruled out of England U21 match after Leicester injury

Dier took an arrow to the knee elbow to the eye and will miss out on England U21's trip to Prague. Rats.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Eric Dier picked up an eye injury during Tottenham Hotspur's 4-3 win over Leicester City on Saturday, and while it appears he's going to be okay, the injury was severe enough to keep him out of international competition. Dier has been ruled out of the England U21 squad to receive treatment and will miss this Friday's international match vs. the Czech Republic U21s.

Dier was struck by a wayward Leicester elbow during Spurs' win at White Hart Lane on Saturday. He received on-field treatment, and while there was immediately obvious swelling, he was not substituted. The club reports that Dier has a black eye and some swelling, and that he'll remain with Tottenham for treatment. It's thought that he might be back in time for England's match against Germany's U21 side next Wednesday.

The withdrawal appears to be precautionary only, and it appears likely that he'll be back in time for Spurs' trip to Burnley on April 5.