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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links March 24, 2015

Your daily dose of Tottenham news.

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Clive Rose/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday Spursland! Or as I call it, the Devil's Monday.  Nothing good happens on this day.  It's on the bad end of Wednesday, there are no games (that count) on Tuesdays and my bracket is as busted as our team's defense.  Honestly now that America has this healthcare thing going on I think next we should tackle the Tuesday situation, maybe have GSA employees make themselves useful and stand on street corners handing out balloons and stickers to everyone to brighten their Tuesday morning.  Or I could get off my ass and write some better jokes.  One of these things is guaranteed to not happen though.

And now the "news"

Everton Told Lennon Will Cost £ 6 Million-Telegraph

Levy is getting his Levy onnnnnnnn.  #gitmunnie

The FA Announces Proposals To Protect Youth-Sky Sports

Will these be effective in keeping foreigners from pushing out English youth? No of course not, the new age rules will just mean teams will pay more for younger talent from outside the EU, and placing the blame on a lack of top coaching in the country.  Well, I can't dispute that tons of top managers seem to be just awful.  But the concept that England isn't performing ell because it's kids lack quality training grounds is laughable.  All you need for this game is something vaguely ball-like. That's it.  That's why the game is great, any economic class can play it, like those kids in the slums of Argentina and Brazil who turn into players like Maradona.  Man, not having a regulation goal to train on really held that guy back.  Greg Dyke, what a dunce.

Bayer Lost To Who?-Bavarian Football Works

I guess even the best in the world have days where they feel sorry for people.

Fun Throwball Stuff Think-SB Nation

I like more than a handful of these NFL rule changes.  The Ravens would always get choice, There owner is youngish for an owner, and one of the most competitive people you'll meet.

First Things Worst: The Fire Are Still not Good-Hot Time In Old Town

The team may suck but the blog name is strong.