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Juventus are scouting Harry Kane because of course they are

It's the first of many, many stories attempting to link Our Savior with a move away from Spurs. Get used to it.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Sound the Harry Kane transfer rumor klaxon! Our favorite source for #batcountry Italian transfer rumors, TuttoMercatoWeb, is reporting today that Juventus will be sending representatives to (gasp) SCOUT HARRY KANE when England plays Italy later this month. Surely this means that he'll be on his way to The Old Lady just as soon as the transfer window opens this summer!

Secondo quanto raccolto dalla nostra redazione, alla gara sarà presente anche l'entourage del giocatore, intenzionato ad avere un primo contatto con la dirigenza juventina: l'operazione tuttavia è molto complicata visto che gli Spurs valutano il giocatore una cifra fuori mercato.

Plop that into Google Translate and you get more or less the following: Harry Kane's agent is probably willing to at least hear what Juventus has to say, but that any transfer would be "difficult" because Spurs have absolutely no intention of selling him.

I love stories like this. Juventus is scouting one of the best English strikers in football? OH NOES IT'S TRAGIC. Of course Juventus is scouting Harry Kane. There are undoubtedly lots of top clubs who have suddenly cocked an eyebrow in Kane's direction now that he's come from nowhere to score nearly 30 goals this season. And of course Harry Kane's agent is going to listen to them, because that's what player agents do: they try and get the best possible deal for the players they represent.

As for the "difficulty" in signing Harry Kane: no, Juventus, it's really not that difficult at all. We have Harry Kane and Daniel Levy, you have Paul Pogba and money. I'm sure we can come to some sort of understanding.

Expect a lot of these stories from now until infinity. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!