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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links March 26, 2015

News and Links for your Thursday.

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Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Happy Thursday Spursland! Well folks, the international break doldrums have hit.  Yes, we will talk about Eriksen and Yedlin playing yesterday but it's mostly dead out there.  So I had planned today being this big long plan i have for the future of MLS.  But that is unimportant right now, instead we need an intense discussion of something much more timely.

Skipdork thinks the opening theme from Firefly is terrible.  AND HE CAN ONLY BACK UP HIS ARGUMENT WITH "it's a show about space outlaws, not Touched by an Angel" which would make sense if the space outlaws weren't the good guys, a lovable gang of misfits from here, there, and back again brought together with unlikely bonds of friendship forged by their struggles against an oppressive regime.  So it makes sense that their music doesn't remind you of Stone Cold Steve Austin's walk out music.

And incidentally the song strongly establishes the themes of the show and is stand alone pretty good.  Further proof that Skipjack is bad at things.

And now the "news"

Rose Withdraws From England Squad-BBC

People in Jamaica are holding their breath.

England Have Best Strikeforce In 20 Years-Telegraph

I thought about that for a minute, and I gotta tell you, it makes me really sad for England people looking at their strike partners through the last score of time.

Minnesota United Announced as 24th MLS Team-SB Nation Soccer

Sure, whatever.  Nobody is watching, just keep adding teams until Little Rock/Pine Bluff has three teams, THE MARKET WILL SUPPORT IT.

USMNT Vs Denmark: Three Things-SB Nation Soccer

Bendtner carved up our defense, which is all you need to know about how that went down as far as I'm concerned.

Team Celebrates So Hard They Concede an Empty Netter-SB Nation Soccer

Boy I bet that primary school they adopted feels very proud and is all around pleased as punch right now.

Ok so maybe we didn't get to Eriksen or Yedlin but we hit the important things