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Spurs youngster Ruben Lameiras sold to Swedish club Atvidabergs

The young Portuguese academy prospect is heading to the Nordic lands.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

News today that another Spurs academy player is heading places... but in this case it's to the Swedish first division. Tottenham Hotspur announced today via twitter and its official website that Spurs youngster Ruben Lameiras has been sold to Allsvenskan club Atvidabergs.

A native of Portugal, Lameiras is an attacking midfielder who was purchased by Spurs back in 2011 but never really ever made his mark with the club. This season he made five starts in the U21 Premier League, but was never close to breaking through into the first team side. He didn't even make our 2013 Tottenham prospect rankings, so in some way it's no surprise that this transfer is happening.

Lameiras is heading to a club that finished eighth in the Allsvenskan table last year. The Swedish league season is about to kick off, as it runs from March through November. I can't pretend I've watched any Swedish football teams besides Malmö in the Europa League. I have no idea if this is a good move for him or not. With luck, though, his time at Tottenham will have prepared him enough that he gets some regular first team football.

Lycka, Ruben!