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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links March 27, 2015

Tottenham Hotspur news and links.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Happy Friday, Spursland! Hey guys, remember yesterday when I was all, "I have an Idea for MLS that is awesome" and didn't share it? Well, today is the day, baby. Sorry I called you baby right there. I call people that sometimes after I am exposed to Entourage and that damn trailer is floating around so much, baby. It's a disease.

OK, so MLS keeps expanding right and everyone is all "it will dilute the talent pool" or "there are to many teams, the league can't sustain this type of growth and lots of media markets can't blah blah snore."  Basically, everyone thinks there are t00many teams (or doesn't care), but I am the only one saying they should keep going and expand more.  Up to 40 teams. Most of the towns with teams in the NASL currently are markets that have shown in the past that they were also big enough to support a major 4 sports franchise, then they can support an MLS-sized team.  he answer is more teams in MLS. And then just make two MLS leagues. You get a brand name that has considerably more of a q rating in American sports than the NASL and now you finally get promotion and relegation. Think about it! How great would it be to see a relegation battle between oil money soaked NYCFC and the Harrisburg Islanders?

This is probably a terrible idea and will never happen. Just like all my other great ideas.

That said, I maintain that my idea for a dating website for oil rig workers to meet elementary school librarians would have worked if I had the capital.

And now the "news"

Hodgson Fine With Kane Going To Australia-Sky Sports

Is he also fine with him spiking up a couple of nice trips on the white dragon? Could we get the kid a rest?

Wayne Rooney Thinks Kane Is Pretty Good-The Scotsman

Definitive proof that Rooney has eyes/maybe can count.

Pele Is A Fraud-SB Nation Soccer

I had NO idea. I thought he was on the up and up and he was like Mother Theresa, only with a y chromosome.

Ronaldo Wrapped His Teammate's Car In Foil-SB Nation Soccer

This is just crap. First, no, Ronaldo didn't do this he paid a guy to do it. Secondly, this is a terrible prank.  It takes you more time to wrap something in foil than it takes to unwrap it.  You are basically playing a prank on yourself by that math. If you want a good prank it shouldn't have lasting consequences AND should be way more of a pain in the ass to the prankee than the pranker. My suggestion? Sign up your friends for weird email lists. Start with the congressional campaign committee for the party they aren't a member of. That should get them a solid 25 emails a day requesting money. Then start by giving out that email to every local company that asks for it at check out. Do it slowly only one or two more places a week. It will slowly drive them nuts.

Bill Walton Did An AMA, Talks Getting "Milked"-SB Nation Um What?

I'm not reading this, but I recognize that some here might want to.