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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links for March 4, 2015

You got your links in my news! You got your news in my links!

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Clive Rose/Getty Images

Happy Spursday Spursland! Ah, this morning dawns fresh and new as we look out on the vast panorama of our future.  Gone is the League Cup, and that Europa distraction thingy.  Now only the purity of league football remains. Proper football, English, focused on bravery, and glory, and statistically speaking higher levels of cholesterol.  The way it was intended, where one team peppered by international stars played pretty passing plays against a team of workman-like, hard tacklers stoically lumping it over the top hoping for a header and to steal a point here and there.  God bless us, everyone.

And now the "news"

Poche Wants Kane To Have A Break This Summer-BBC

Probably a good idea, he has been playing a lot and lets face it the kid plays football like Pete Rose ran the bases. He is putting a lot of wear on his tires.  Gotta give him time to recharge, it doesn't matter that he is young.  The U-21 European Championship is about developing future stars? I got news for you, he is pretty well developed.  He can take a break.

Spurs Will Hold Minute Silence For Mackay-Telegraph

But how Levy will ruin this is the real question.

Holy God The MLS CBA Negotiations Are ...Just What The What Is Going On here-SB Nation Soccer

This is easily the most interesting thing to happen in MLS outside of the pitch since that time I got drunk in the parking lot of RFK and offered Will Chang the chance to purchase my friend.  I was kind of unaware of this story until early yesterday afternoon when every soccer writer I know began tweeting jokes comparing MLS owners to the Duke Brothers from Trading Places.  And I gotta tell you, that seems like an accurate portrait.  This looks set to get ugly, and the owners will probably not come out of this looking good.

Aston Villa Win-7500 To Hotle

Insufferable quotes coming from Tim in 3... 2... oh what's that, he just said a bunch of that stuff before the game even happened?  Oh OK, makes sense.

Tim Sherwood Celebrates, Mechanically-SB Nation Soccer

I hate you.