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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links March 5, 2015

Tottenham Hotspur news and links for your Thursday

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Happy Thursday Spursland! And oh don't we all feel good and a few of you are feeling amazingly smug today aren't you? Oh you know who you are.  Those that steadfastly believe Ryan Mason is the best player on this earth not named Kane, or Ronaldo, or something.  So he scored a goal, and Townsend went coast to coast and shot and it worked.  BRING ON THE ENGLAND CALL UPS!!! Except no not really the staff here is correct neither of them is a long term starter on this team, they are good bench options and no more. Nanny nanny boo boo!

And now the "news"

Gomis "Fine" After "Fainting"-BBC

So the result is that while terrifying to observe Gomis is really just humanity's equivalent of a fainting goat.  And looking back with the full knowledge that medically this was not a big deal, it is just so enjoyable to observe the clear terror that the boss man had knowing that he had made a pitch side defibrillator joke on the twitter account like 15 minutes before Gomis went down.  Oh I am sure he thought he was in for a beating.  And he would have deserved it.  You know what he does deserve it.  Feast upon his bones my minions! [Editor's note: all true. I was terrified.]

We Deserved To Win Says Poche-ESPN FC

"Look Townsend found the damn net, of course we deserve to win!" He was probably heard to say minutes later when nobody was looking.

MLS CBA a Go-SB Nation Soccer

The players got some of their demands, but not all of them, or enough of them to be sure.  That said this is a big step in the right direction, and it is good that there will be a season.  Work stoppages don't just change the lives of those involved in the dispute.  Lots of hard working people depend on the league having games for them to make the money for their kids to have shoes.  Also I like going to games, so this is good all around.

Cristiano Ronaldo Pays Someone To Comb His Wax Statue's Hair-SB Nation Soccer

God what a douche (who pays for little kids to get life saving cancer surgeries).

RFK Is A Pond-SB Nation

This is actually a shot of the locker room.