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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links for March 6, 2015

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Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Happy Friday Spursland! YAY we play QPR this weekend, this Hoddle should write itself thanks to my BOY Harry Redkna...G*****IT I forgot he resigned.  Oh God, this is the worst.  Oh, I am hyperventilating.  I have nothing prepared for today's Hoddle, I just assumed Harry would say something ridiculous and that would be enough to carry me.  This should be a disaster, but whatever lets move on and get to the rat killing to making comments about squad rotation.

And now the "news"

Spurs Are Going Down Under-Guardian

I look forward to immature comments from Skipjack as we approach this fixture.

Why Kane Should NOT Be In The England Squad-Telegraph

Oh look kids, a sports writer trying to make a name for himself!

SB Nation's MLS Preview-SB Nation Soccer

It's big.  BIG.  And awesome.  I haven't gone through all of it to see if it details exactly how a**holeish the owners were on the CBA, but I assume that they didn't have time for that, what with the team by team breakdowns, and the players you want to watch if you are looking to know who the league's next big stars will be.

Cisse Gets Seven Game Suspension For Spitting-SB Nation Soccer

No word on Evan's penalty yet but I bet it will be consistent and not based on anything that could be potentially embarrassing.  I mean this IS the FA after all.

Internet Dude REALLY Wanted Ronda Rousey To Hurt Him, So She Did-Deadspin

Old Irish proverb. When you poke the prettiest pit bull at the dog park she will murder you. [Ed: pretty sure that's not a real proverb]