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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links April 10, 2015

Happy Friday! Here are your Spurs links!

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Happy Friday Spursland! A few weeks ago I was talking politics with my father when the subject of Joe Biden running for President again came up.  My father who regardless of which party he belongs to said with a lot of force "good lord could you imagine Joe Biden as president, the things he would say".  To which I responded yes.  it's just like your favorite sports team if they hire Tim Sherwood as manager, just with way more media scrutiny.  Does he say things that it would be better he didn't say? Check.  Does he do it ALL the time? Double check.  Does his language styling make him sound like he is a little too in touch with shall we say the common man? If you said no to that then I think somebody has been telling porkies.

And now the "news"

I Was A Success At Tottenham Says Blithering Idiot-BBC

Yup you are gonna be getting a lot of this stuff today, it could be worse though, in the Masthead's chat room anytime you mention Sherwood's name immediately after that line his face and one of his many amazingly out of touch quotes pops up.  Every time.

Sherwood Needs Vindication Not Vengeance In Spurs Return-ESPN FC

But what he is really looking for after all is Validation.

Ronaldo Is In His Underwear Again-SB Nation Soccer

Ronaldo's life is clearly the result of some sort of deal with the devil, you don't get that good at a game that somewhat arbitrarily allows you to get paid an insane amount of money for it.  Think about it, the world's best monopoly player doesn't get paid in anything except long held inter-family scorn.  But Ronaldo gets to be that good at something, have that skill have insane monetary value AND you get to look that delicious.  I can only hope that when he is close to death he doesn't try some Devil And Daniel Webster stuff and weasels out of an eternity of colossal damnation.

Barca Player Bombs One Into A Basketball Hoop-SB Nation Soccer

True story i did this in high school only I did it on a volley...from like 20 feet closer.

Jimmy Fallon Is Predictably Terrible At Chugging-SB Nation

The only "heavy drinker" vibe I get from Jimmy Fallon is heavy drinker of kombucha tea.