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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news And Links April 16, 2015

Tottenham news and links for Thursday

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Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Happy Thursday Soursland!  Gang, long long ago a man who would go on to be promoted from lowly comments moderator/staff writer to the rank of Tyrannical Overlord did a thing, a thing we as a staff have never EVER (have I impressed this into you enough?) EVVVVER let him forget.  You see... he very early in his tenure accidentally banned himself from the site.  It was hilarious. Why am I bringing this up?  Because I did something similarly dumb and that's why I haven't been around recently. [Editor's note: I am redeemed. Sort of.]

And now the "news"

Newcastle's Aaron's Out For The Year-Guardian

So he won't be playing against the most under performing pile of scrap players in his here league.

Tim Sherwood Refuses To Gloat After Spurs Win-Telegraph

He did all of his gloating before the game.

What's Next For Jurgen Klopp-SB Nation Soccer

Whatever the hell he wants. Side note: how long until we see someone making the case for Spurs to go after him? [Ed: Kloppenham Hotspur? Tottenham Kloppspur?]

An Open Letter To John Carver-Comng Home Newcastle

Look Newcastle is a team that isn't playing well.  We could use playing a team like them right now because we ourselves are not at all playing well.  Then again, Aston Villa were not playing well either, and well, poop.

Three Things We Learned Form The USMNT's Dos A Cero Win Over Mexico-SB Nation Soccer

What are the odds there were disease-riddled needles on that pitch?

And shout out to East Coast Mike who accosted me in a dark parking lot of a grocery store tonight to start loudly singing Come On You Spurs at me because he saw my Holtby kit.  Dude is dedicated and did not know it was me at the time.