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Tottenham stadium details emerge on Haringey Council website

Not a lot that's new, but nevertheless very cool to see.

Tottenham Hotspur haven't exactly been forthcoming with details about the new stadium, but some details have emerged courtesy of the Haringey Council planning website. The website, which posts publicly accessible documents pertaining to public works projects in the Haringey Borough, includes numerous documents about the Northumberland Development Project, and specifically the new stadium.

In a NDP update posted in late March, Tottenham noted proposed changes to the original stadium plans, first submitted in 2010. These changes included the addition of a basement level for parking and other services and subsequent minor changes to the ground floor level. The documents on the Haringey Council site represent Tottenham's formal request to the Haringey Council to amend the original stadium plans. In the Haringey documents, a noteworthy addendum, dated April 2015, confirms the addition of a below-ground parking level and also include technical diagrams of the proposed basement and ground floor levels. The non-technical summary provides descriptions of the proposed changes. Quoted in part:

3:  Description of the Changes to the Project

  • The design team have been undertaking a study to optimise the ground floor layout, it has also been established that there is a need for additional changing facilities on the ground floor level. In order to both optimise the ground floor layout and accommodate additional changing facilities a total of 259 of the total 319 car parking spaces will be reallocated to the new basement. It should be noted that no additional car parking are sought.
  • A new basement is proposed to be located below the north, east and west stands. It will be a single storey basement with an area of approximately 19,618sqm. The basement will remain as that which was previously assessed, i.e. from Worcester Avenue to the east of the Stadium.

The club continues to emphasize that no overarching design elements were altered in this proposal and asks the council to approve the amendments as they are not substantial enough changes to warrant re-evaluation of the entire project. (Note also that these proposed changes and their impact on the overall project were one of the arguments that Archway Sheet Metal used in their legal defense against Spurs' compulsory purchase order of their land.)

These reports are pretty dry and unfortunately don't tell us a whole lot more than what we already knew, but for those who enjoy reading through environmental impact studies, construction planning documents, and legalese, these documents are an absolute gold-mine. And if nothing else, the images included give a pretty good indication of the overall shape and look of the new stadium. (It's a rough oval!) That a new stadium is almost certainly now a reality should be grounds for excitement.

Big thanks to Twitter user @ThadCollins for the tip.