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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links April 17, 2015

News and links for your Friday.

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Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Happy Friday Spursland!  Hey there, look at this place! Yeah, we cleaned up all those bodily fluids spilled everywhere on the Internet from yesterday's Force Awakens trailer leak. We like to keep it hygienic around here.  And guess what guys? There is further good news. In addition to us having mopped all the DNA tossed into the air like nerdy celebratory confetti we can tell you that this weekend's game is not only winnable, but it starts at a very sleep-in friendly 11 am east coast time.  I mean, what is not to love?

The answer is leeches. Come on you saw that coming right?

And now the "news"

Kane Gets Double Nod For Player Of The Year-BBC

Because of course he does. Have you seen this son of a mother play?  He is like Bale only with a little less running and you can't mark him out of a match with heavy injury intended tackles.  He is like a glorious pile of English football fan fapping material done up in human skin.

Why Spurs Are Better Out Of The Europa League-Telegraph

Because if someone could chat something like NIT at you and it kinda makes sense even though it isn't the same sport then it is dumb to try at that.

Bayern Medical Staff Quits, All Of Them-Bavarian Football Works

The dude running the show has been team doctor since the late '70s when I am guessing his main job was to make sure the pitch-side beer was ice ice cold. Unless he was really in to keeping up with his medical journals he probably should have been replaced with someone more up to date awhile ago.  I am basing the previous statement on nothing but blind un-researched assumptions because that is my level of commitment to journalism.

Will Carver Use All Options Against Spurs?-Coming Home Newcastle

The answer is.... We will know sometime before the game kicks off.

This Dunk Kills Souls-SB Nation

What ruins someone more: this dunk or their child telling you they don't love you?

Five Closeted Gay College Basketball Coaches Speak Out About The Culture Of Homophobia-Out Sports

This is an important thing you should read, especially if you coach athletics of any kind or are thinking about it.  I coach kids as young as 4 and as old as 19, Everywhere I have encountered at least some level of homophobia in the coaching ranks.  Is it sometimes as small as a coach who has changed his beliefs about the LBGT community over the years but out of habit still says "don't be a f****t" instead of "don't be a baby" all the way up to extensive conversations amongst coaches from many terms during tournaments talking about how we need to work together to keep gays out of our sport.  This stuff is everywhere, it g*d***n shouldn't be.