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Community Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Thursday, April 2

Links all up in your news.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Happy Thursday-Before-Easter, Spurs fans. Are you all looking forward to tomorrow when you get a day off work? Or doesn't anyone besides my line of work get that day off? No? Well, sucks to be you then.

Salmon Chase couldn't do the Hoddle today but I didn't get the e-mail until I was already in bed. I'm old, and go to bed early. So here are a couple of links to get you started. Add your own links in the comments.

And now the "news"

Austria manager believes Wimmer already agreed to move to Spurs - IB Times

Well, no, that's not what he actually said, but whatever, English media. We'll still take him.

Spurs to focus on 10-15m players - London Evening Standard

Yes, this is probably accurate, especially as Spurs try and build a stadium. Unfortunately, 15m doesn't buy you Luka Modric anymore.

Paul Merson to Andros Townsend: Win some medals before you slam me - Daily Star

Oh, Paul. First you slam Townsend saying he doesn't deserve to make the England squad, and now you're acting all uptight after Townsend scores and he fires back at you. That level of discourse, "what have you won lately," is for people who can't justify their comments on merit. Just admit it, you didn't understand the frog-coffee emoji thing. It's okay.

Add your own below!