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Spurs consider Petr Cech as Lloris replacement

Cech at Tottenham? Well... other than Spurs probably can't afford him, okay, why not?

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

It's been assumed that Hugo Lloris is going to leave Tottenham Hotspur almost since the day he joined. The world-class French goalkeeper has been linked to larger clubs, both French and otherwise, for the past two seasons, when it turned out that, hey, this guy's actually pretty good. Today, the Mirror has hypothesized that Tottenham could enter the race for Chelsea's Petr Cech should Lloris depart Spurs this summer.

Cech is a fantastic keeper, and at 32 he's still got a number of good years left in him, but it's clear after this season that the long-time Chelsea stalwart is now second fiddle to Thibaut Courtois. Jose Mourinho has already indicated that he'll allow Cech to depart for whatever team he wants in the offseason (albeit for a "huge" transfer fee). Since it's CLEARLY already a done deal that Lloris is leaving for a diamond-encrusted cushy job with Paris Saint-Germain this summer, why not let Tottenham enter the race?

So, first, the rumors that Hugo is departing are spurious at best and seem to revolve around the fact that Tottenham isn't very good so clearly he must be unhappy. Hugo doesn't have a release clause in his contract and he's signed through 2019, so it would take a pretty big offer for him to leave. Also, he seems pretty happy in north London.

That said... well, sure. Petr Cech would be a pretty phenomenal replacement for Hugo if he somehow decides to fly the coop. He's still a darned good keeper, and the only reason he's now looking at other clubs is that Chelsea have one of the legit keepers in the world and to keep Cech on as a back up just seems like overkill. Mourinho might even sell him to Spurs, since they're clearly not at a place right now where they're considered a threat to Chelsea's ambitions of winning a league title.

But let's not put the cart in front of the horse. Hugo's probably not leaving, which means Cech probably isn't coming, and Spurs probably couldn't afford him. So this is fun to think about, but probably dead wrong.