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Pochettino: Kane owes his teammates dinner after 30th goal

The Spurs manager understands the concept of an individual rewarding team support.

Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Harry Kane scored his 30th goal of the season on Sunday, poking a counter-attack goal past Tim Krul to clinch Spurs' 3-1 win at Newcastle. It's a remarkable achievement: it's the first time a striker has scored 30 goals in a season since Gary Lineker in 1992. Even Gareth Bale only scored 26 in his most prolific season. And in post-match comments Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino thinks that he owes his teammates a meal.

"Congratulations to him because he deserves this moment.

I think he needs to pay for a dinner this week for his team-mates. The team work a lot and try to help him score."

Poche is right in that no striker can score 30 in a season on their own. Soccer is a team game, and as we've seen in the two matches before Sunday's, when Kane doesn't get adequate service he doesn't score as often. The concept of a star player giving gifts to his teammates isn't a foreign one in other sports either: Tom Brady famously purchased cars in 2012 for his New England Patriots offensive line in thanks for helping protect him during the NFL season. That same year, Vikings RB Adrian Peterson bought his offensive line snowmobiles (presumably because Minnesota).

So, even though Kane isn't earning as much in weekly wages as he could (or should) be, buying his teammates dinner in celebration of his 30th Tottenham goal this season is probably getting off pretty cheap. Speculate on what meal he should serve in the comments. Just... please, Harry, no lasagna.