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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links: April 21, 2015

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday Spursland! Do you want me to make you feel very sad? Do you? I thought so you lovable bunch of sad clowns.

We only have five more weeks of the season!  Then it's off to the dark days of summer.  A summer without a World Cup or a Euro.  What are we gonna do? Sit around watching cricket/baseball/Netball (is netball a summer sport?).  In any event it's going to be awful.  I can only ask that you my internet pals make like a Sam Smith song and stay with me. [Ed: there's the Women's World Cup. And the Gold Cup. And the Copa America. I think we'll be fine.]

Keep your heads down kids, we are about to enter #batcountry

And now the "news"

Tottenham Perfect For Me Says Alli-Sky Sports

Funny I think more specifically Ryan Mason's spot seems like a perfect fit for him. But what do I know I am just Internet blogger man, the least powerful of all the super heroes.  Because I am super without credentials, and I eat Cheetos.

Lord Sugar Predicts Arsenal Vs Aston Villa Final-Here In The City

Lord Sugar, noted early 90s generic video game villain, has made a not so bold prediction, I can't wait to see how Piers Morgan responds on Twitter.

Tuchel To Replace Klopp At Dortmund-SB Nation Soccer

Or as I call him, young Donald Sutherland.

The Right And Wrong Reasons To Discredit Tim Sherwood-SB Nation Soccer

This is what science was built for.  Not computers, or flight or a cure for polio, nay a systematic explanation of exactly why and why not Tim Sherwood is the worst.

Mayweather Says He IS Better Than Ali-SB Nation No No Not Even A Little Bit

I mean he is way better at hitting women, like way better there is no doubt abut that.  He may even be a better pro wrestler than Ali, but a better boxer, I think not.