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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links April 23, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Thursday

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Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Happy Thursday Spursland! And happy anniversary to New Coke.  Man, with that kind of awesome name to launch a brand I am sure it will not only be a top selling product for years to come. I predict our children's children will be toasting to whatever Firefly hybrid Chinese/ American pan species government that will be ruling over Mars in the next century and ensuring that forever more Tottenham players will only be allowed to have players until Real Madrid wants them.

And now the "news"

Kane Wants To Play U-21s This Summer Says Greg Dyke-Guardian

But he shouldn't.  I don't think I could be more clear about what a bad Idea that is if I tattoo'd "Do you want to be the next Michael Owen?" across his girlfriend's forehead. Not because she somehow deserves it or it would hurt or anything like that.  I just assume he looks there a lot and that is prime space to get out my "no to U-21's" brand.

Southampton Manager Asks Fans Not To Boo Poche-Telegraph

Nah, go on and boo him.  Boo to your heart's content, let him know exactly how much better it is over here.

The Awkward And World Class Thomas Muller-SB Nation Soccer

This is also how I describe SB Nation big wig Graham MacArree, because if you have ever spoken to Graham, well then you are just nodding your head in agreement reading that.

Watch Chichorito's Wining Goal-Managing Madrid

I get to type out those words when it isn't an international break about as often as i get to type "my girlfeind farted then owned up to it"

Dwight Howard has 50 Guns And 20 Snakes-SB Nation

He has thus achieved what hard rock fans of the 70s always dreamed of: creating a humanoid hybrid of Ted Nuget and Alice Cooper. #dreamz