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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links April 28, 2015

News and links for your Tuesday.

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Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday Spursland! We play City this weekend, which is about as welcoming as Bruiser Bordy standing in a cage in Florida.

Remember guys, It is mystery theme week, the person with the best guess in the comments section wins 100 billion internetz.  See who won yesterday's Mystery theme contest below!

And now the "news"

PFA Award Amazing But Only The Begining-Telegraph

It is a clear sign that bigger things are about to happen in your career, like when Randy Savage won the King of the Ring in 1987.

Spurs legend Calls Kane A Marked Man-Sky Sports

Muhc like when Dusty Rhodes Tagged Magnum T.A. as the next big star so does another old timer place his blessing on Harry.

Nutmeg City, Population You, Good Sir-SB Nation Soccer

Oh that was  about as slick as Chris Kanyon's hair right before Mike awesome tossed him off the top of the triple cage.

Five Thoughts: Five Players Who Are Gone-Bitter And Blue

I think they mean gone from city, not gone like Test.

Jon Jones Turns Himself In ON Felony arrant After Suspected Hit And Run-MMA Fighting

As of now the word "cocaine" has not been mentioned in any credible reports but that is like that moment in the reporting of it when steroids were not mentioned in the reporting of Eddie Geurrero's death.

Congratulations to Dukes418 for winning our best mystery theme answer contest. With a guess of "Similes, there is one on every link".

The real answer: Hateable things