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Nabil Bentaleb wants to extend Tottenham contract despite Juventus interest

We'll keep writing the story until it actually happens.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

News from Spurs journo Tom Collomosse at the Evening Standard today: Tottenham's young midfield general Nabil Bentaleb is attracting interest from several Champions League clubs, but he is ready to sign a contract extension with Spurs.

Does this story sound familiar? It should: I wrote something very similar (based on a Collomosse story!) in February, and again in March. Both times I said that this is good news, that Bentaleb most definitely deserves it, and that a new contract is a no-brainer, especially since he's reportedly only making £8-10k/week. Nothing's really changed this time around.

Except now, apparently, Bentaleb is on the radar of some Italian giants with Champions League ambitions. Collomosse is reporting that Juventus, Roma, Napoli, and Lazio are tracking Bentaleb, which may give him some bargaining power as he renegotiates his contract, assuming, for example, that Juventus don't see him as the natural replacement for Paul Pogba and come in with stupid money.

For what it's worth though, Bentaleb seems quite happy at Spurs, and even said so.

"I like the club, I like the style of the coaches. I feel very good here and hopefully we will [extend my contract].

Before the end of the season? Yes, why not. We will speak to the people concerned with it. I am really happy here and people are happy with me. I have played many games this season and I'm trying to improve every year."

Despite the midfield problems Spurs have exhibited over the course of the season, Bentaleb has been overall a shining star in the team. It's in everybody's best interest to get his contract situation sorted out as soon as possible.