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Reimagining Tottenham Hotspur as Robert Ludlum novels

Looking for a summer beach read? Look no further!

Robert Prezioso/Getty Images

With summer almost on our doorstep, it's time many of you to head to the beach on holiday. Luckily for you, there's a slew of new beach reads to keep you company. From the man who brought you such classics as The Bale Betrayal, The AVB Deception, and the The Sherwood Insurgence comes a thrilling new series about everyone's favorite secret agents from White Hart Lane.

Here's just a taste to whet your appetites!

The Paulinho Agenda

An elite operative is transferred by incompetent higher-ups to a new country where he doesn't know the language or the lay of the land. After struggling to find his feet, he uncovers a conspiracy to sideline him abroad while nefarious forces undermine the capital. He builds a new team and works from abroad to save his country.

The Kane Vendetta

A man who they said could never hack it. A man who was never given a chance. A man they call Kane. A man who's back...with a vengeance. After a failed assassination attempt leaves a string of bodies in his wake, he goes underground. But against all odds he returns. And he vows never to miss a target again.

The Capoue Ultimatum

An undercover operative vanishes in the wake of a government coup. After the military uprising is put down, the agent emerges from hiding. But after he returns to the field, he finds the new regime has issued him a Burn Notice.

The Chadli Illusion

An operative becomes one of the most deadly hitmen in the agency. Consistently given high-profile assignments, he proves to have an uncanny ability to eliminate his targets. But when the rest of the agency is exposed, could he be the culprit?

The Bale Imitation

After one of the agency's top men defects to another country, one of the game's greatest young operatives steps into the breach. But with the lives of his family threatened by a shadowy gambling ring back home, he is forced to feign injury, then incompetence.

The Eriksen Conundrum

A world-class super spy defies the odds again and again to take down enemy targets and save the lives of his team. But now rumors swirl that his powers have deserted him and he's lost his edge. Can this former legend-in-the-making prove he still has what it takes?

The Holtby Exposure

A promising young agent documents the details of his covert missions and leaks them to the public, ruining his effectiveness in the field.

The Lloris Countdown

After a string of high profile jobs, one of the espionage world's top men is courted by foreign nationals to become a double agent. The question is not if he'll turn his coat, but when?

The Kaboul Cabal

A shadowy conspiracy within the agency, spearheaded by its former director attempts to take them down from the inside. But there's a new sheriff in town. Is he man enough to root out this sinister uprising?

The Mason Memorandum

After a series of accidents that exposes a large number of agents, decimating the agency, a young operative, voluntarily held back from promotion due to a series of injuries, is thrust into a major covert operation. Placed alongside an equally young new partner, the agent must learn on the job and overcome adversity while conducing a string of highly-sensitive missions that no other operative is able to complete.

and don't miss out on the nail-biting sequel...

The Mason Denial

Ryan Mason is a 23 year-old operative who one day finds himself in the field with no memory of his mission or who he's supposed to be tracking.