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Spurs to offer Stambouli or Townsend in exchange for Morgan Schneiderlin

Will Andros or Benji be heading to Southampton?

David Cannon/Getty Images

We all know Spurs want Morgan Schneiderlin. He is Mauricio Pochettino's bae and if Morgan's parents weren't home, Mauicio would be over there faster than Gareth Bale racing down Barcelona's flank. Unfortunately, Southampton kept him out of our waiting arms last summer. Like most Spurs fans, I assumed he'd played himself out of our price range this year, but maybe he hasn't!

According to the Evening Standard, Spurs are planning to send some cash and either Andros Townsend or Benjamin Stambouli to Southampton in exchange for Schneidlerin. My first instinct is to dismiss this as simple batcountry nonsense, but I REALLY want Schneiderlin in our midfield, so let's take a closer look. Could this happen?

We know that Southampton was pursuing Townsend last summer so that part of it makes sense. And if they're going to lose Schneiderlin, which is going to happen one way or another, it would make sense to get another midfielder to replace him. And the pre Spurs version of Stambouli would certainly look like an attractive option. The question is, where does Schneiderlin want to play? If he wants Champions League football, we're screwed. But if Chelsea and Arsenal look elsewhere, and its hard to imagine both teams doing that, Spurs might be the most natural option. And trading players wouldn't just bring the price down, but it would also clear some dead wood off of our books. But if Arsenal wants him, they're probably going to pay more. So here's hoping that doesn't happen.

This probably isn't going to happen, but it's given me enough false hope to delude myself that maybe it will.