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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links April 30, 2015

Mystery Theme Week continues!

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Happy Thursday Spursland! OK this is getting ridiculous.  You guys are ruining Mystery Theme Week with your brains and  ability to look stuff up.  I thought yesterday would stump everybody but Ossiemandias guessed correctly that yesterday's Mystery Theme was quotes from Baltimore natives.  Congratulations, person, you ruined my fun by winning 100 billion internetz.

And now the "news"

Financial Analysis For Every EPL Club Last Year-Guardian

So last season Spurs were the most profitable English football in history.  With profits of 80 million pounds with a net worth of something like 1.5 billion pounds.  That is a shitty profit margin, the kind reserved for selling bread or discount beer.  And that is the best EVER.  Further proof that despite all the profit not glory talk, owning a professional team is more about dick measuring for rich people than making big money.

16 Million Rated Tottenham Strike Target Buys Home In Essex-Here In The City

OK So maybe this is reading a little to much into this.  I also don't know if this is true.  Or if we even want him.  but if it's true I just want to be on the hype train early, I have intense fear of missing out.  Hey do you think all my friends are hanging out without me?

James Rodrigez 25 yard Voley anyone?-SB Nation Soccer

It's just one part of a balanced breakfast.

Chelsea Come from Behind To Beat Liecester-SB Nation Soccer

How good is your life if your team wins 3-1 and one of the comments is about how they really miss their top two strikers? Poop on your face sir, I said poop on your face!  Bird poop to be specific which is not bad luck.  It's not like I was suggesting anyone hold them down know what lets forget we even got started on this shall we?

Why Did Sergio Aguero Miss Out On PFA Awards?-Bitter and Blue

Because he isn't English or that new newness, ya heard?