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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links April 7, 2015

Tottenham Hotspur News and Links

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday Spursland! How bad was the game over the weekend?  Well normally the major news outlets have at least one or two new Spurs articles a day.  Even if they just rehash the same old stuff it's smart business for them to have new headlines up in their spurs section.  Except for today.  Apparently Sunday's game was so boring they covered it because they had to and then those beaten down beat writers just refused to pump anything else out about it.  Because all the big guys, BBC, the Guardian, Telegraph nothing new today, like they colluded to say no we are not going to relive THAT ever again.

And now the "news"

Kane Says Spurs Must Be Optimistic On Top Four-Sky Sports

You know what I am not optimistic about?  Harry's ability to do math.  It's basic addition kid and it doesn't look good.  And further more that's fine. This year is exactly what we thought it would be in a best case scenario.  Everybody relax!

Dier Impressed With Spurs Defense's Strength In Depth-Inside Futbol

I have no idea what that statement means.  What is that sentence.  Either he is impressed with the defense's depth which is hilarious because my what a low bar we are setting thee that he is impressed.  ORRRRRRR more likely correct grammatically speaking, he is impressed with how physically strong the defenders down the pecking order are.  Who knows, maybe Yedlin has a great bench press nobody knows about.

Crystal Palace beat City 2-1-SB Nation Soccer

The most exciting thing I saw yesterday all day was a tweet from Sir (not a real title outside of my apartment) Kevin McCauley who stated he couldn't wait for this summer when city would sell 150 million in players and buy 250 million in players.  All of whom will be over priced and one or two would be complete crap.  Why did that statement excite me?  Because we might be able to sneak Paulinho into that deal.  He is complete crap and was solid in the past for way more than he is worth.

SB Nation's MLB Preview For 2015-SB Nation MLB

(dismissive wanking motion from the AWO)

This is the space where I would have some coverage of the NCAA Men's Basketball championship from last night but since they didn't start the broadcast until 9 pm important coast time (suck it Brix wherever you are) but they then had like 25 minutes of people not playing basketball.  It's about as dumb as holding the World Cup in Qatar. [Editor's note: DUCK FOOK]

So instead here is a video of a Kitten trying to eat a man's glasses off his face.