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Emmanuel Adebayor: I'm staying at Spurs to fight for my place


Ian Walton/Getty Images

I told you I didn't believe that Star Africa source! In what felt like mere minutes after posting a rather dubious rumor that claimed Emmanuel Adebayor had indicated his desire to leave Tottenham Hotspur this summer, the man himself tweeted that, well, it's all bogus.

This is the danger of internet rumors: sometimes (okay, probably often) they're fake. However, just because Adebayor says he's happy and wants to stay at Spurs doesn't necessarily mean that he's not going to be shipped off to Turkey, or Qatar, or wherever during this summer's transfer window. This does indicate that he's pretty content where he's at. He's still on an awfully large weekly salary for a third striker who will probably only play in league matches in the event of a catastrophic injury. But that's... well, you know.

But more importantly, can I assume from the timing of this news that Adebayor reads Cartilage Free Captain? I'd like to assume that. Hi, Ade! We're super nice here, I promise!