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Wenesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links April 8, 2015

It's hump day! Here are your Spurs links.

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Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday Spursland!  Is it weird for you?  no longer having those pesky mid week games?  Not having to dodge your boss as he walks down the hall past your cubicle knowing that when your computer screen is turned to  "that angle" you aren't doing anything you're supposed to be doing. Do you have an elaborate system of touts and runners sending out signals to let everyone know to quick change back to work looking stuff because Karen is on the move?  Well you should, some of us are dedicated to this team.

Full disclosure I went back to sleep at halftime on Sunday.

And now the "news"

The Player The big Six All Want-Telegraph

No granted I am not a super football nerd.  I do not know ANYTHING that is happening in the championship.  It's like the Championship is the Vanderpump rules and I am the locker room of the Alabama Crimson Tide.  I am not where you go to find knowledge about that.  However the ridiculousness of how they even open the argument is something else.  He is a U-19 star AND he is English which apparently makes him even more valuable.  Apparently being English makes you like special abilities or something.  Who gives a s**t where he was born, you can either play or you can't.  Your latitude and longitude the moment your mother births you into this sphere of cruelness has no bearing on how you kick a ball.

Vorm Sees Positives In First EPL Start For Spurs-Here In The City

"Hey at least they know I'm still here" he probably thought.

Why Chelsea Could Mess Up The Title-SB Nation Soccer

I am guessing he isn't talking about slipping on a banana peel then dropping the cup off the top of the victory bus, but that's what i think is most likely.

Dortmund Hit Face-Melting Winner-SB Nation Ouch Ouch My Foot

In slow motion this looks like a bullet from the Matrix, which means if there is no spoon then their is no ball, so it didn't go in game ends in a tie.

What Are The Rules Of Pick Up Basketball-SB Nation

The most important rule, if you want to win: leave me and my knee brace till the last pick.